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Suggested Use -

Music Students

Music students may use the Online Practice Record program to track the amount of time spent practicing each day. Students may create and edit practice records; enter comments, goals, or questions; print or e-mail practice records; view statistics of other users of the program; and enter details about contests and performances. A student may choose to link his or her account with a music teacher to encourage collaboration to help the student achieve his or her goals.

Private Music Teachers

Private music teachers may invite his or her students to use the Online Practice Record to record practice time and track the progress the student is making. The teacher is able to view all the practice records of his or her students and the teacher and students may communicate back and forth with questions or comments. The teacher could offer incentives for students to practice a specific amount of time or could reward the students who have practiced the most each week.

Band / Orchestra / Choir Directors

Band, orchestra, and choir directors can greatly benefit from the new version of the Online Practice Record program. Teachers initially will want to set up the current year or semester in their account, and then set up the class periods that they teach. The teacher has the option to either have each of his or her students use the teacher's computer to set up student accounts during school, or the teacher may prefer to generate temporary student accounts, which allow the students to log in later to complete the registration process. Once the students are registered and entering their practice records online, the teacher may view the practice records by class period and avoid having to hand out, pick up, and review paper practice records.


If you have any questions or would like further information about how the Online Practice Record site can be used, please let us know.