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About the Online Practice Record Site

The Online Practice Record program was created by a Web developer who is married to a band director/private music instructor. Although this Web program was originally created only for the students of the private studio in San Antonio, Texas, its positive feedback convinced us that we should share it with others who could also benefit from its features. We feel this tool gives us an opportunity to promote music education and help music students document the time they spend improving their musicianship. The Online Practice Record is available at no cost because of our interest in music and our understanding of schools’ decreasing budgets. We hope that this tool encourages students to value the time they spend practicing and motivates them to want to increase their practice time.

It is beneficial and sometimes required for students to keep track of the music and time that they practice, but keeping track on paper can be more difficult to manage and monitor students' progress over time. When you use the Online Practice Record, not only can you record your practice time, progress, goals and more, but you can also easily e-mail your practice records to your private teacher or print them for your records. If a school music teacher links his or her students to the teacher account, then the teacher is able to see a list of the students along with their practice time so that e-mailing practice records is not necessary. It also can be motivational for students to compare their practice time. We appreciate your comments and suggestions about the Online Practice Record site.