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Privacy policy

To allow students to save practice records and to enable the program to distinguish one student's data from another, must collect a minimal amount of personal information on our registration form, including name, e-mail address, and primary music instrument played. We do not attempt to collect more personal information than is reasonably necessary. E-mail addresses are used to send registration information, and may be used to send notifications when a student and/or teacher has made changes to a student's practice records or account. We may infrequently use e-mail addresses to send notifications or important information pertaining to the Online Practice Record Web site. 

We do not require any other personal information, such as physical or mailing addresses, telephone numbers, gender, ages, etc. At a student's discretion, he/she may optionally provide a city, state, and country in order to be able to compare his/her practice times with other users in same location. Our Web site does not use cookies. All information collected on this Web site is used only by and will not be sold or distributed to third parties. If a parent does not approve of his/her child using the Online Practice Record Web site, then all practice records and registration information may be deleted by selecting the appropriate options in the child's Main Menu.

The concept, graphics, and programming for the Web site were created and are owned by Eager Web Services, LLC, 14427 Brook Hollow Blvd., #257, San Antonio, TX 78232. Our telephone number is 210-545-6287. To contact us about this Web site or our privacy policy, please use our convenient Contact Form.


Note: makes every effort to comply with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). For more information about kids' privacy, visit the following Web site:

FTC Kidz Privacy website



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